SafeVisitZone, powered by ccRobot, assists medical and non-medical clinics in promoting and encouraging new social distancing measures. Given the limited waiting room capacities, SafeVisitZone was designed to help any office manage arrangements of client visits via a safe, simple, and cost-effective platform. By leveraging this solution, organizations can easily manage and keep track of health statuses and rapidly adapt to changing information and requirements. With these capabilities, clinics can benefit from automatically instructing clients on appointment information, delays, and entry instructions while limiting physical interactions.

Waiting Room Gap: As clinics, salons, and other businesses with waiting rooms begin to open, new protocols have been set to enforce social distancing and minimize the spread of germs. As a result, waiting room capacity and physical interactions with clients must be limited. Thus, these businesses need to find a complete solution that must be quickly implemented, easily customized, and low cost. This will allow businesses to deploy the solution within a week, customize the solution to meet their needs, and be affordable to businesses of all sizes.

Social distance your waiting room

Waiting rooms for clinics, salons, and businesses are beginning to open. Social distancing in these spaces need to be managed.

SafeVisitZone is a cloud-based solution that will enable you to orchestrate your client’s visit.

We offer a simple, complete solution that can be quickly implemented, and easily customized at a low cost.


Safevisitzone subscribers:

  • Allow clients to notify they’ve arrived at the location.
  • Collect and record health status of clients within 24 hours of appointment.
  • Notify clients of current wait times.
  • Advise clients when you are ready to receive them.
  • Convey appointment instructions quickly and efficiently.

What you can do with SafeVisitZone

Appoinment FAQs

Enable customers to automatically receive answers for general contact information and appointment queries.

Contact Information
  • How do I book an appointment?
  • What are your opening hours?
  • What is your address?
  • Where can I park?
Appointment Queries
  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?
  • Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?
  • How do I reschedule?
Health Status Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Efficiently pre-screen all clients with a quick health status questionnaire.

Questionnaire Flow
  • Make questionnaires available to fill-out prior to client’s scheduled appointment.
  • Based on yes or no questions, Safevisitzone directs clients on how to proceed with their appointment, e.g. a yes to symptoms may require a reschedule.
Day of Appointment

Automatically inform clients of instructions upon arrival and safety precautions when inside the waiting room.

Arrival Instructions
  • Allow clients to state when they have arrived at the location.
  • Provide information on next steps after arrival (e.g. wait for ‘Come In’ notification).
Safety Protocols Inside Waiting Room
  • Inform clients of mandatory PPE (e.g. masks) when inside the waiting room.
  • Provide additional safety rules that must be followed when inside the waiting room (e.g. stay 6 feet away from other clients).
Receptionist Assistance
  • Notify clients through SafeVisitZone to come into the waiting room.
  • Address any other concerns clients may have (e.g. estimated waiting times).
Benefits Of Our Chatbot


Clear instructions to meet health protocols.


Less confusion and interactions at reception.


Safe, controlled and contactless arrivals.


Documentation of screening responses are stored.


Simple method of updating information as the protocols change.

Saves Time

Saves administration time for controlling entry and record keeping of questionnaires.

SafeVisitZone Custom Add-ons

* Custom add-ons require a quotation and may add cost.
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